The next big thing?  It’s here, but the bus is almost full! 

The next big thing?  It’s here, but the bus is almost full! 

In the daily ups and downs of Crypto trading, we all hunt the big gains one can only get from the short term volatility on the Crypto Exchanges.  With Crypto, as with stocks, no one wins in a stagnant environment.  Gains are realised in liquid markets that move, north or south and bets are hedged either way. 

But what is the real rush.  That big thing.  The ultimate?

The ultimate ultimate has to be the super gainers.  Who wouldn’t want to rewind to early 2011 when Bitcoin broke through $ 1.00 ? When some said the Dollar parity would be its highest point and its downhill from here, LOL!

With our inability to time travel (yet), the above seems like a missed opportunity.  It is, and it isn’t.  There are lessons to be learnt.  They were first in a new field and as a result they paved the way and had most of the investors captivated in an infantile market. We can never go back.  And we don’t have to either.

The Crypto markets have matured and so have we, the players.  New opportunities exist today that was nowhere to be found in 2011.  In the early days it was good enough to be a coin, and nothing else.  The mere thought of investing outside banks and dollars was a thrill in itself and  sent investors into a frenzy.  

Mark my words today.  The next big one is the first to crack the elusive nut of practicality.  The Crypto coin that is more than a store of value and provides real practical use, outside of the exchanges.  The next big thing is here, today. 

Tigereum has very recently launched its platform to send transfers to friends and family around the world, instantly.  Many claim to do that, but this is the first time I have seen it actually working, it is already available to use today. 

No concepts, no development plans, no white papers with pipe dreams and promises.  It works.  Right now.  Today.

All other mechanics behind Tigereum points positively to the fact that this one might be the one.  The next super gainer that might go form a few cents to at least double dollar digitsin a few weeks or months.  

Supply is limited to 20 mil.  

Trading at around $0.09 this Coin is hugely under-valued at the moment.  I see TIG at a dollar in the next month as local partners around the world fill their pockets with stock for transfers.  

If you have any capacity to invest I would climb into TIG asap, before the price runs as supply is tight on this one. 

The best place to buy TIG at the moment:
For more on TIG, let’s check out the source:


Crypto prices. Legitimate market forces or supply/demand hocus-pocus?

Crypto prices. Legitimate market forces or supply/demand hocus-pocus?